Welcome to World of Boxers !

First of all, I wish you a very warm welcome to our brand new website. 

Let me start of by saying that through the years, the world of boxers has changed a lot. A lot of things changed in a positive way, especially the way of finding things through the internet & social media platforms. Although the online world has created a lot of opportunities of connecting breeders, it has also created a flooding of – often irrelevant - information and it became very difficult to find up-to-date and correct information about boxers i.e. studdogs, their current location, their details ...

Some years ago, boxer breeders massively used the great "INTERNATIONAL BOXER HANDBOOK". The Handbook was founded by the family Baravelli (“Del Nettuno kennel”) and was a great summary of the most important breeders, pictures of their boxers and pedigree details. Breeders look back at those years with great respect & gratitude.

The above facts led to the idea of our new project. We are presenting an up-to-date online database of all great boxers around the world, combined with a yearly edition of our brand new book, the World of Boxers book. We strongly believe that both our website and book will bring boxer breeders back together, stronger than ever before, presenting them essential information.

Our online database will contain the most important details about the boxers, such as the health-test-results, the pedigree, the show results & most important titles,

The search function will give visitors the possibility of searching the best possible matching males for their female boxer. To use the possibilities of the search-engine, it is most important that you read our "SEARCH !"-column.

The book will be a perfect offline collector’s item for boxer breeders to advertise their kennel and dogs (with details & pedigree information) to the rest of the world.

We engage us to work hard to make this brand new project to a long-lasting success tool, although we are convinced that your kennel and your dogs will be key element to this. Do not hesitate to contact us, our team and our platform. We will try to answer your questions as adequate and quickly as possible.

On behalf of our team,

Ingmar Sioen
co-founder of World of Boxers